#80 forrea

Left: Top: Garbaggio-DIY day crop, white

Skirt: Bueno-spring skirt, rose @Kustom NEW!

Shoes: EMPORIUM-Alanis heels

Hair: Zendaya, naturals 2 @TheSeasonsStory

Glasses: Beusy-Le bois

Bag: U.F.O- dell bag, skyblue @kustom NEW!

Headphones: BEATS, pink (this was a gift)


Top: Lvl93-zipper crop, @Kustom NEW!!

Shorts: Lvl93-highwaist shorts @Kustom NEW!!

Shoes: Bens Beauty-gabriella pumps, brown

Hair: ILLMATIC-count contessa, browns

HeadBand {misteria}-Lace kitty, tiffany @kustom

Bag: Toro.-city stroller bag, cyclist, @Kustom

Glasses: Buc X benjamins-bones, noir


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