#121-Paris, pour vous

#121 forreal

Hey y’all!! back with a new blog, this blog is very simple but I just felt like I needed to dedicate this to the city of Paris, I know it is not much, I know it will not make a difference, however I know God forbid this hit close to my home I would appreciate people reaching out, and this is my way of doing so, hope you enjoy 🙂


Sweater: Toxic Candy-CAOT, wool

Boots: i’piteme-Sasha neutrals boots

Hair: EMO-tions-adele, browns @On9

Scarf: Creative Studio-co., ethnic

Glasses: Essere-classic


Blouse: Lybra-page, orange @on9

Coat: MSS-ellen, olive @On9

Boots: Venus-madison shoes

Hair: Analog dog-sassafras, dark reds

Glasses: MINIMAL-astur

Knee highs: LAKSHIM-basic knee high, @On9


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